Welcome to my Gallery

This gallery has two main purposes.
The first:
I received many requests to show my art work with friends and family and trying to use email to share my work became impractical and cumbersome. So in response I built this web site it`s primarily a place where anyone can view my work, link to it form the various painting organizations and their websites and of course find contact information if you have any questions.

The second:
I`m happy to say that more and more people are asking if they can purchase my paintings; which is good because I`m running out of wall space at home.
If you like a particular painting or if you like a particular style and would like me to paint a specific scene for you, it would be my pleasure, you can use this site to do both. Several of the paintings have prices in their description (I`m adding more details regularly) but you can request more info anytime for any of the paintings via the contact page.
Please keep in mind that some of these paintings are from workshops and because of this they are not original works and are my attempts to learn various styles. I clearly identify these paintings in the descriptions and they are to display various styles and accomplishments so far.